Warren County Farmers’ Fair and Balloon Festival

The 75th Warren County Farmers’ Fair in Phillipsburg, NJ, has concluded last Saturday. There were all kinds of fun-filled activities from tractor pull, demolition derby to corn eating contest.

But I admit that I was there mainly for the balloon festival.

This post also serves as my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth, Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post: Splendid, as well as the new monthly challenge by Marianne, CBBH Photo Challenge: Looking Up. Now call me GREEDY!

I watched the balloon GROW.

And off it flew.

It was enchanting to observe the ballooning process.

There were around 40 balloons at the festival.




Another event that was taking place was the Bicycle Balloon Race. So what is a bicycle balloon race? The bicyclist goes up in the balloon with their bike strapped to the balloon basket. After the pilot flies past a particular landmark, they land and let the bicyclist out. The bicyclist then must race back to the Fairgrounds. Whatever team makes it back first, in the shortest amount of time from launch to finish line, wins.


Back at the Warren County Farmers’ Fair

It was old-fashioned fun at the Warren County Farmer’s Fair. See you again next year.


20 comments on “Warren County Farmers’ Fair and Balloon Festival

  1. Marianne says:

    WOW! What a sight to look up to! Fantastic!

  2. jakesprinter says:

    You define this theme very well,
    Thanks for sharing your splendid photography my friend :)

  3. Looking into the billowing heart of a hot air balloon as it inflates is almost as magical as being aloft in one. I love the photo of them all in the air like pods.

  4. those are wonderful, colorful photos of the county fair that really make me feel like I was there

  5. If it was me, I will too would be there for the Balloon Festival. It’s an awesome feeling to see them all fly in unison towards the sky. Beautiful post. Thanks.

    • sutira says:

      Thank you. I love the splendid and contrasting colors of the balloons and the sky. The Farmers’ Fair was lovely too. Though we didn’t have much time to explore other activities.

  6. Lisa at fLVE says:

    Love hot air balloons, too. This looks like such a great festival. Thanks for taking us along with you. :)

  7. Jo Bryant says:

    some really lovely images for all the themes

  8. I loved your shots of the simply splendid colorful balloons – up up and away on a splendid adventure!

  9. […] Warren County Farmers’ Fair and Balloon Festival « Traveler’s Lounge […]

  10. hot air balloons just make me happy :D

  11. frizztext says:

    a wonderful colorful gallery – makes happy!

  12. ferragudofan says:

    what wonderful colourful photos! I could almost imagine myself there! (I’m not too keen on heights though so I’m not sure you’d ever actually catch me up there in a balloon – they do look wonderful though,…

  13. Wuaoooww… speechless.! Beautiful Balloon Festival

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