Alaska – America’s Last Frontier

Spur of the moment

My upcoming vacation comes sooner than expected. In fact, it was a sudden, spontaneous decision. A ‘spur-of-the-moment’ kind of trip. Since it was quite urgent, we didn’t want to go abroad. Somehow our ‘domestic’ destination has turned out to be one of the most exotic and remote destinations in the world! Right here in the land of the US of A.

It is a land of contrasts. It is America’s largest state in terms of land and wealthiest in terms of cash reserves, yet was bought from Russia a century ago for only a penny. (Well, not literally ‘a penny’, but still.) Its median household income is ranked behind only industrialized Maryland, New Jersey and Connecticut. Yet it is still mostly untamed, and some Native Alaskans in remote areas still follow subsistence way of life like their forefathers. The only place in the world where residents get paid from the government; not the other way round. The state does not tax its residents and even pay them annual ‘dividends’ out of its $40 billion state fund. The state capital, Juneau, is the only capital city in the world that is not accessible by land. You have to go there by plane or cruise. Welcome to Alaska.

The land of glaciers and fjords

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III. Dachau Concentration Camp: Death shall set you free

European Delivery, My Little Odyssey

Chapter 3

Dachau Concentration Camp: Death shall set you free

It has been so hard for me to write about Dachau Concentration Camp. But I have to write about it. It was my intention to do so, my duty.

Dachau concentration camp, half an hour from Munich, was the first official Nazi concentration camp in Germany. It was not intended to be the ‘killing’ site, but rather an internment camp before 200,000+ prisoners were sent off from here over the 12-year period ‘to be killed’ at various extermination camps  including the notorious Auschwitz. So the number of recorded death toll here was ‘only’ 30,000, mainly from starvation, diseases and suicide. Still, since I’ve never been to any other concentration camp, Dachau is by far the most horrid place I’ve ever been to.
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II: BMW Welt & Museum

European Delivery, My Little Odyssey

Chapter 2

BMW Welt & Museum

Here we are at the BMW Welt. It’s actually one of the tourist destinations in Munich. The first floor of BMW Welt has all kinds of fun activities and displays. This Z4 looks so fun in this particular shade of yellow.

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I: The European Road Trip Begins: Munich

European Delivery, My Little Odyssey

Chapter 1

The European Road Trip Begins: Munich

Where were you one year ago today? I was in Europe. To be precise, I was in Luxembourg, a tiny little country that non-Europeans might not have heard of. (It’s a real hidden gem.) My husband and I were on an epic one-month road trip driving around Europe last year. We covered 5,000 miles and 13 countries in 32 days. The Odyssey Road Trip looked like this: Germany-Switzerland-France-Luxembourg-Belgium-The Netherlands-France-Monaco-Italy-Slovenia-Austria-Slovakia-Czech Republic-Austria-Germany. I’ll try to recapture my memories in a series of posts so that they don’t overwhelm the readers, and more importantly the writer, in one shot.

European Delivery: A Euroland Adventure

We had bundled a European vacation with European Delivery. So what is European Delivery? An average person in North America might not have heard this term before. And those from elsewhere would have absolutely no idea about it. Well, basically, it’s a program offered by some European car manufacturers for North American customers to come and ‘take delivery’ of their cars at the factories in Europe.
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